Emergency Preparedness Supplies AUSTIN – When there’s a hurricane or tropical storm in the Gulf, it’s a good idea to check your emergency supply kit and review your family plans for emergencies. Monitor broadcasts and listen to instructions from local officials. Having emergency supplies in easy-to-carry containers will serve you well, no matter what kind of natural or manmade emergency you may face. Use this checklist: 

• First-aid kit
• Extra prescription medications, written copies of prescriptions, other special medical items
• Important documents and records, photo IDs, proof of residence, information you may need to process insurance claims
• Cash (power outages mean banks and ATMs may be unavailable)
• Battery-operated radio and NOAA Weather Radio
• Flashlight with extra batteries
• Phone numbers of family and friends
• Road maps, a travel plan, hotel reservations, list of places between your town and your destination you can stop if the highways are clogged
• 3-day supply of non-perishable food, one gallon of bottled water per person per day
• Coolers for food and ice storage, paper plates, plastic utensils
• Manual can opener, knife, tools, booster cables, fire extinguisher, duct tape, tarp, rope• Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and extra clothing
• Toilet paper, cleanup supplies, personal hygiene products
• Eyeglasses, sunglasses, hearing aids
• Special supplies needed for babies, older adults and pets
• Extra keysOther disaster preparedness information can be found at www.Ready.gov and www.redcross.org.

With little time before storms makes landfall, Entergy urges customers to prepare for the possibility of extended power outages. Customers should prepare emergency kits, including flashlights, a battery-powered radio with fresh batteries, spare batteries, canned food and a can opener, a supply of fresh water for several days and a first-aid kit. Entergy has a Storm Ready Guide that customers can download for other great tips.

Entergy Texas10055 Grogans Mill RoadThe Woodlands, TX 77380Always remember to stay away from downed power lines and notify Entergy immediately. Outage information can be found on Entergytexas.com and on the Entergy Stormcenter website during and after the storm. Here are other ways you can get information:

• Download the Entergy app for your smartphone at entergy.com/app.

• Sign up for text alerts. From your cellphone, text R-E-G to 368374, or visit entergytext.com. • Follow us on Twitter.com/EntergyTX or Facebook.com/EntergyTX.

• Call us at 800-9OUTAGE (800-968-8243).

• Follow updates in your local news media, like radio, television and newspapers.

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