If this is true (and Snopes.com says “undetermined”) so that means, could or could not be true…….

BUT Supposedly Jesse Jackson Jr., sentenced to 2 and  half years in prison is rumored to be getting

A HUGE chunk of change. He could be eligible for a disability payment of 8,700.00 a month because of

“mood disorder” and in addition to that a partial pension of 45,000.00 a year bringing his yearly stipend to

145,000 a year in retirement benefits. His “Mood disorders” seemed to happen about the time he was going to be indicted.

Stand by to hear the final outcome. I’m betting he gets it, Snopes.com or not. Wow. This really puts me a state of

“mood disorder”. And it gives me a headache. Well, I’ll just take two aspirin and move on.