I hope those of us who have the day off Monday will take at least a moment to remember the day and not just the date.

I don’t know how many of you know or respect anything about Martin Luther King. It’s none of my business.

All I know is I had great respect for him BEFORE HE DIED.  I saw his presence as one who came to bring peace.

I feel he did his best to do it in a practical and loving way.  

It’s a real shame so many folks, both white and black fail to understand what I feel he stood for.

Every so often I read a story captioned: “What would MLK do”?

I don’t profess to know and I don’t think anyone else does either.

This I do know. He professed to being a man of God. I think he carried that belief to his grave.

When you are sleeping late or going to the movies or reading a book or even if you are working, take a moment out.

Take a moment to respect another who died so needlessly at a time when our country needed him so badly.

The song, “Abraham, Martin and John” also made mention of “Bobby”. All gave their lives for what they believed.

Respect their beliefs even if you did not agree. It’s a holiday, but a day to give thanks that a few gave so much so you and I could prosper.