It all sounds good. A flat tax instead of what we now pay. Everyone pays ten percent.

Fifteen, maybe, but hold one. A flat tax means no deductions.

If you own a home, forget the deductions.

If you entertain a client, don’t bother to save the tab receipt. Flat tax. No deduct.

Tithing to the church. We all like to say it’s for the right reason.

Charitable giving to the poor?

Gas mileage if you travel?

The flat tax, all of a sudden sounds mighty flat.

Taxes are what keeps our country afloat.

I know. We all think we pay too much and maybe we do.

The big problem is the 47 percent.

The 47 percent or so who do not pay.

Can you feel the weight? You are carrying them on your back.

If you don’t feel the weight, maybe you are BEING  carried.

There is no good answer. At least not today.

Oh, by the way. If you own a home, pay your property taxes.

If your license plate is expired, better get the new one.

And…if you are eating out tonight, pay that 8 or 9 percent sales tax.