Maybe we better pay a little attention to Rand Paul. Maybe he isn’t that “right wing zealot” the media paints him out to be.

He is a Libertarian. In case you don’t know, he is for rehabilitating felons, giving them the right to vote.

Also helping them to find jobs.

After all, when they get out of jail do we expect them to lay in the street?

He is against major prison time for small time drug arrests.

Most important he is interested in keeping our nose out of war.

Maybe, just maybe if our troops were guarding our borders and guarding our country, maybe we would be safer.

Maybe, if we spent less money on Syria, Jordan, Iraq and all of the others with their hand out

(while cursing us) we would be able to climb out of this atrocious debt we have assembled.

Maybe that money for health care could be used for the indigent and cost less for you and I.

Maybe it’s all pie in the sky but maybe, just maybe not.

Something to think about.

What we have been doing for the last 30 years sure hasn’t worked.

I’m just saying!!!