So I read two accounts this morning and listened to another.

The CBS account of how we added only a little over 100,000 jobs this past month and only

73,000 in December but things “looking up”. That was one. The other two were in

USA today. (a) Outlook for 2014 really good.

Article (b) same thing.

The Houston Chronicle however said the opposite. Things are not really that good.

I wish someone would give me a straight answer. I don’t hear the president talking about the

ACA any longer. Does that mean the problems with it are over?

I don’t hear too much about the economy. Does that mean it’s fixed?

How many people out there really have a FULL TIME job?

How many people out there have quit looking?

We have more people on the government dole that ever before.

How, then, is it humanly possible that we are within 4 tenths of a percent of getting back to pre-recession levels?

Does anyone have the answer?