Its very obvious to anyone with half a brain at this point that we are going to do little or nothing about the problems at the border.

There was an interesting analysis this morning of what a family of four need to exist for one year.

The amount was in the vicinity of 130,000 dollars. Now, that’s an average based on high and low.

Some earn way more than that and others way less. With our country providing daily bread for countless others, how long can we exist?

Mitt Romney may have had it right when he said 47% of the populace would not resonate with his message.

That figure may now be closer to 50%. When all is said and done and we remain with our heads in the sand, what is next?

Do our leaders just think the problem will go away? Apparently so.

When you feed, clothe and house more and more people and the onus falls on the backs of the tax payers, what happens next?

Will a portion of those paying finally throw up their hands and say they want to be part of the 47 or 50 percent?

It could happen.  Where will the money come from? Will they invade the bank accounts of those prudent enough to save?

I know that would be fine with a great portion of the 47-50 folk.

Robin Hood was a hero, right?

We better start thinking straight. We haven’t for the past 20 or so years.

There is an old saying: “Ask not, want not”.

Replace that with “Ask and ye shall receive”.

But from whom?