I don’t have any answers for Iraq and to be honest I don’t know if anyone else has any either.

So I will stick to something I know a little about.

Throughout my career in radio and before that there have been falsetto singers.

You know. The guys who can reach unbelievable ranges of near operatic proportions.

Lou Christie for one, Michael Jackson, various one hit artists to go with those.

None come close to Frankie Valli.

Along with the Four Seasons, he recorded a gang of hits, then did so a solo.

I saw the Broadway play and last weekend saw the movie.

If you like the music of the 60’s and 70’s I think you will enjoy the movie.

I did. It really spins a good yarn about what happens when success goes to the head.

It’s something we live with everyday in our sometimes hum drum world.

If you can handle the language, you can handle the plot.

Some good acting, great singing and worth the two hours and sixteen minutes it takes to watch it.

I liked it.

The movie of course is the FOUR SEASONS. I am a realist and this movie is real.