The act itself is questionable. Do we leave a comrade behind?

During other conflicts, notably the “Police Action” in North Korea in the fifties, medics were left behind, choosing to care for patients.

Prisoners of war, also left behind. As old as time itself there have been “left behinds”.

We are not saying good, but only that it has happened.

One Japanese soldier, who claims to have been left behind didn’t even know world war ll was over. He was supposedly behind. Or was he hiding?

With the situation involving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, he voluntarily left his post and supposedly did so in civilian clothes.

However, we rescued him. Other presidents have issued orders like this, notably President Reagan.

The big question here is why is John Kerry telling us the released Taliban prisoners are being watched daily?

Does anyone believe this? Not even members of his party (ie: Diane Feinstein (D-California). Is

Kerry falling on his sword to protect the president? Does he really believe the “Fab Five” are being watched in

Quatar? The bigger question is do WE BELIEVE IT??

This is a bad situation at best. I guess we have to hear from the Sgt. Himself before we make a decision.

One for five is never a good swap. That’s the decision our president made.

As I said, we wait to hear from all parties involved before we make a decision.

That is, unless we have already made it.