Yes, of course. Happy Saint Patrick’s day to one and all.

But, really. Are we in the 21st century and is it all that good?

I love the Garmin when I cannot find my way.

But why does she recalculate over and over when I know where I am going?

I have driven to Dallas forty or fifty times in the last 40 years.

I know how to get there, just not how to find my brother in law’s house.

So why does she insist on sending me up through Jacksonville when I want to go by way of


She does not stop. I was 20 miles from Huntsville when she finally gave up and let me go on my way.

Coming back? Even worse.

Coming through Dallas, looking at the Houston exit sign and she sends me to Oak Cliff.

She wanted me to go thru (Jacksonville again) agony one more time. I had to turn around

And come back to point A. I know. I need an update. But so does she.

The good news? I found my brother in laws house which my wife or I would have never found.

Technology, you know.