Not being a college grad or student I can, at my advanced age, appreciate the hard work that goes into advanced schooling.

I actually had a scholarship but decided to be an entertainer instead.

While I have no regrets about my life I still stood proudly and watched my granddaughter Megan Culley graduate this past Saturday.

She did it Magna Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa.

I know the past four years were tough on her and equally hard for her parents who gave their all for her.

The good news is I know she will not disappoint. She will carry on the same studious and caring attitude that has been such a great part of her life.

We all felt just a little bit better when we saw how her hard work paid off.

She will use what she has learned to teach others. It’s one pyramid scheme that really works.

You learn, you teach, you accomplish. A big Howdy, Meg. You are one special lady.