When playing Blackjack  you usually keep your cards covered so the dealer wont know what you have.

It’s a game in which you can win or lose a lot. Kind of like politics.

Notice that the republicans are putting all their cards on the table early.

They are betting that the dealer (democrats) do not have a blackjack.

They are laying out all of their cards on Hillary. War on Hillary has begun.

We don’t even know if she is going to run.

She probably will but we don’t know.

Election is more than a year away.

All of the juicy stuff like “Bill’s sexcapades” would play a lot better closer to election time.

But, nope!!! Everything has to come out now. By election time it will be old news.

Suppose someone else runs. Don’t be too surprised.

The 2008 election was locked up for Mrs. Clinton, right???

Guess what? Barack Obama.

The best surprise is no surprise. I think Holiday Inn used to use that as a slogan.

Hide and watch. This could get good. If someone hits 17 and goes bust.

Know what I mean?