The president says he is going to help the “middle class”.

Financial experts deem those making above 75,000 dollars a year as that class.

Does this mean he is going to screw those making less?

I thought he was the people’s president.

He visited a Costco yesterday where the minimum wage paid is around 11.00 an hour.

It should be noted that Costco folks work the same area as a Walmart with about half the staff.

They also cater to affluent folks who shop there and pay no mind to higher prices.

So the 10.10 and hour he wants would give the average 40 hour employee a 4,000.00 a year boost.

Unless of course the employer couldn’t afford it and had to let him and some others go in order to stay afloat.

Maybe the minimum worker is only working 20 hours a week and with the mandate gets cut to 15 hours a week.

Do the math. Employers still watch their bottom line and if it gets to close to the red line, they will do what they have always done.

They will cut jobs. That, is simple math. Most anyone can understand that.

Well, most anyone.