I never was much of a wrestling fan. My dad was. He thought Lou Thesz and Georgeous George were great.

My kid loved Wahoo Mc Daniels and Bull Curry.

So Jesse Ventura didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I know he was governor of Minnesota and did a lot of TV.

But his million dollar settlement for demeaning those brave Navy Seals is a little much for me.

His suit and the ensuing money came, I would presume from the estate of one of the Seals.

Money his widow will not get. Jesse was in a bar telling those Seals that “A few should have died in Iraq.

How noble. No good deed goes unpunished.  I’m sort of glad I don’t live in Minnesota.

I am also glad I still don’t care for wrestling.

Except for my conscience when I try to forgive oaf’s like JV.

Maybe he can open a school with the settlement and teach us all how to swear in front of our servicemen.

He belongs in that special circle of celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Charley Manson and other notables.