Our fourth granddaughter arrived yesterday without the benefit of UPS or FED EX.

She is entering a world much different, even that that of her brother and sisters, just a few years older.

Things change so quickly.

When their mom who is not yet 30 was born, we were not dependent on the internet, cell phones, tweets or twitter.

We had an army but were not fighting on two or three different fronts at the same time.

Our world has always been fraught with evil, but with goodness also.

I hope for Esther a good and productive life, which I am sure is guaranteed, thanks to the vigil of her mom and dad.

I hope to see her grow to where she knows G Grand Ma and G Grand Pa as do her siblings.

June 11th is a good birthday date and one that will accumulate years so much quicker than we are ready for.

There will be many great innovative things that will take place during her life.

Among the many gifts will be a  good Christian upbringing.

She will also learn at a later age about some of the other good things around her like Steak and Shake and

Whitey’s ice cream parlor, a most important stop in her home town of Silvis, Illinois.

Welcome aboard Esther.