Why is it we are so jealous of someone who maybe has a bigger house, a newer car or a lot of money?

There is a difference between envy and jealousy.

Most of us envy a certain lifestyle (or not) but don’t hate someone else because they have it.

Most of us ooh and ahh when we see one of those hundred thousand dollar plus cars rolling down the road.

But most of us do one of two things. We either go out and work harder for it or

DREAM about winning the lottery.

I have news for you. Most millionaires didn’t get it playing the power ball.

Yet this week in Switzerland a group of well meaning (I guess) Guru’s are studying why some get rich and some do not

They have come to the startling realization that this world is made up of the many who have not and the few who have the most..

Read your bible (if you have one) and you will see the haves and the have not’s go back a few thousand years.

If you read the bible you will also find out what being  RICH is.

Naturally we all need some material things to make us happy, but we are for the most part going to be part of the “others”.

Of course if you are happy with what you already have, you are already RICH.

Wow, is that profound? Have a great day.