The president was busying himself passing legislation yesterday making it illegal for companies to discriminate against

LGBT workers. Funny ? I thought we had dropped that practice years ago. I am well aware of companies both big and small who do the right thing.

For some reason, the border, the Russians, the IRS and the Veterans are not on the first guy’s mind.

But something that is not being practiced to my knowledge is.

Oh well. Busy hands keep a busy mind.

If someone does discriminate, shame on them.

On the other hand, Tony Dungee  said yesterday when asked about Michael Sam(openly gay

NFL player)  stated he would not have selected him in the draft.

“Not because he doesn’t deserve to play, because he does” was pretty much the quote.

“But because of the distraction and there is going to be some”,

Well, we will see how that plays in Peoria (or more importantly with NBC)

Tony is an analyst with NBC and one would guess the network would do the politically correct thing and fire him.

Maybe not. I choose to think they will. I have been wrong many times before.

What Tony seemed to elude to is the distraction and the fact the media would focus on either why Sam is benched.

(If he should be) or if he does not get benched and underperforms will they still play him?

Tony is entitled to his opinion as is the president who feels he is right.

It is sort of funny that one line plays perfectly well and the other doesn’t.