I know lots of Sam’s. Sam’s, the store. Sam Spade the detective of years gone by and scads more.

I do not know Michael Sam but I am aware he is a football player, signed by the St. Louis Rams.

I hope he makes the cut. I hope he has a good life. I have no problem with his lifestyle.


Just as his lifestyle is his business, mine is mine. I am very proud of my lifestyle,

I do not flaunt it. I do not think it is necessary. People with alternate life styles are in every walk of life.

They are welcomed and that is good.

Maybe they think I am offensive to them when I wasn’t to enamored with the “kiss”.

You know, the kiss. The NFL and ESPN both say it is not a big deal.

Then if it is not a big deal why did they make such a big deal out of it.

That’s like up the street the soldiers are marching down.

I take it they are offended that some people did not think a lot of the “kiss”.

That’s their right. They have a right to be offended that I feel that way.

In turn, I have a right to be offended that they are offended by the way I feel.

The last time I looked, we still had free thinking and to a degree, freedom of speech.

So if it is not a big deal and some people are offended that I am offended, then can we just drop it?