Hello, sports fans.

What a beautiful day here in downtown Greece New York.

The council is gathered and the players have taken the field.

On this side, the non believers, firm in their belief that prayer before the meeting is injurious to those who do not want to pray.

On this side, the believers who not only believe in God, but believe a little prayer before the meeting will not hurt anyone.

“We can’t stand it “, shouts side one.

“Don’t listen then,” shouts side two.

“A little prayer never hurt anyone”!!

“Yes, it does. It’s unconstitutional “.

They are going back and forth. A small Christian prayer, similar to the ones you probably heard as a child.

As a child, before your mind was poisoned with all the junk you heard from out sourced liberals.

You know, when you went to Sunday school before “you got educated”.

“It hurts my ears. Please stop.”

“Remember that on judgment day”.

“There is no judgment day”.

“Hide and watch”.

Oh, wait, sports fans. The courts are using instant replay.

Oops. The constitution says it’s okay.

The town of Greece can pray.

Game over.

Final score:  Christians (1) Atheists, Agnostics, non believers and others (0)

What a great day. What a great game. A shutout!!!!!