Be sure and look for this on your evening news because you can bet your bottom dollar the little parrots will chime in on the latest news.

Child obesity is down by almost 50 percent.

Amazing. All in 10 years. Michell Obama is ecstatic.

“Let’s move is working: but wait. If this survey goes back 10 years we have to give “W” some of the credit.

After all, he was in office 5 of the last 10 years and he never even mentioned child obesity.

See how good a job he did?

Yes, first lady. Your garden gets most of the credit, but if I am to believe that CO is down 50percent in the last

10 years, can I also believe the moon is made of green cheese? Or that pigs fly? (thin ones, that is).

Am I to believe the Affordable Health  Act is a winner or that the Astros will win the world series this year?

Can I get down with the fact that there is peace in our time and new jobs are falling from the sky?

Oh, and one more thing. She got a standing ovation yesterday by saying “water has now become the

#1 drink in America. Last time I looked it always was. Water in your coffee, water in your tea.

Watch the network news tonight. It will be like the second coming.