10 Steps To Cleaning A House
To Sell

The A.R.M. Way


  1. Clear out all personal items or consolidate everything to one room or the garage. If you need boxes, a lot of dollar stores don’t mind giving away recycled boxes, but ALWAYS ask!
  2. Complete ALL repairs needed. As much as a contractor says they clean up after themselves, it most likely won’t be to the standards of a good realtor. The bottom line is that contractors are professionals in their field. They are not professionals in cleaning. Always clean last. Because “clean” is a relative term to many individuals, if you are hiring a cleaner, ask for a list of items they agree to clean. Keep a copy of it to ensure the job gets completed as agreed upon. 
  3. Always start in the cleanest portion of the house (usually the bedrooms) closing doors to signify entireroom is clean. This will speed up the cleaning process by decreasing traffic and confusion of whether its been completed yet. (If there has been a lot of construction, especially woodwork, its best to do a general sweep or vacuum FIRST to minimize having to re-clean due to kicking up dust)
  4. Start cleaning from high tolow. Dust all fans, light fixtures, shelves, windowsills, and trim, checking for spots on the walls as you clean. Using a microfiber dust cloth with Pledgeyields fairly good results.
  5. Clean bathrooms using a general washcloth and a cleaner similar to Lysol, diluted according to directions. Foldthe cloth in fourths to maximize the amount of material to clean with (can be
    folded 8 ways), as well as strengthen the pressure as you press into the dirty surface. Start with high cabinets, mirrors, countertops and sinks, before moving to bottom cabinets, toilet and tub or shower. When cleaning a toilet, start with the top of the tank, tank sides, toilet lid, seat, and base, including the very bottom where it attaches to the floor. Don’t forget to check
    the front of cabinet doors, trim and walls.
  6. Clean the kitchen in a similar fashion to bathrooms. First use an oven cleaner according to directions so it can be sitting while the rest of the kitchen is being done. Clean the top cabinets, countertops, stovetop and sink, then move to the bottom cabinets. Use granite cleaner if needed. If hard water is causing problems with your kitchen sink or bathroom fixtures, try using Comet (Use caution with Comet due to its ability to harm some surfaces). Living and dining area can be cleaned similar to bedrooms. If applicable, clean out fireplace. With a
    microfiber dust cloth and pledge, dust all fans, light fixtures, shelves, windowsills, and trim, checking for spots on the walls as you clean. Don’t forget to sweep out air return vents.
  7. Wash any windows needed with a general washcloth and glass cleaner. If outside windows need cleaning, clean inside and out simultaneously with an individual to achieve best results and
    cut cleaning time. This will reduce missed spots and drastically decrease wasted movement from inside to outside and vise versa when it can’t be determined which side a spot is on.
  8. Vacuum and sweep all floors. Do NOT use a straw broom or a dust mop, which gives an illusion of being faster, but misses more. Make sure to get under cabinet ledges, inside closets
    and hard to reach places. Also, sweep off all patios and porches (DO NOT sweep trash into flower beds).
  9. Mop last using diluted general cleaner and a string mop. If you notice small little bubbles or suds on the ceramic tile or wood floor, then dilute mop water further or the floor may
    become sticky. Check the water by pumping the mop inside the bucket multiple times. You want the water to lather up just a little. Maybe one inch or less above the surface of the water. Mop your way out the door to minimizefootprints.

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