Start checking tomato plants on the underside of leaves for multiples of tiny worms—spray
with Thuricide.  (Also known as BT)

Aphids are also making an appearance—you can make your own insecticide with a soap mixture by mixing 5 or 6 drops of liquid detergent in a quart of water to spray on
editable plants. 

For Cutworms spread self-rising flour on the ground. 
The worms will eat the flour and swell up—leaving your plants and
seedlings unharmed. 

And finally try this for Fire Ants:

            Combine in a gallon container with a lid--

            4 pounds Cornmeal

            1 cup Sugar

            2 packets Red Jell-O

            3 TBS Orthene

Shake well to mix and sprinkle over and around mounds.