A good paint brush should last at least a year and some two or three years. The job quality is greatly affected by the quality of the brush, and the quality  of the brush is affected by the cleaning process used. 
A.R.M. Painting predominately uses Purdy brand brushes. The process in which we clean a brush applies to oil based paint or latex paint.

 Step 1:

 Use all the paint out of the brush or scrape the brush on the edge of the paint can to get as much paint out of the brush.
Step 2:

 Contain the cleaning water in a 5 gallon bucket. Let the solids settle out and dry so they can be discarded. Use warm soapy water (preferably Dawn) and massage paint out of the brush.

 Step 3:

 After all the paint is rinsed out, use a brush comb. You can use the comb under warm running water. 

Step 4:

 Use a fine wine brush to comb outer bristles free of paint - combing in one direction to the end of the bristles.

 Step 5:

 There are a number of techniques for getting water out of the bristles. 

  A) Shake it toward the ground in a whip motion.

  B) Spin the brush with the handle between the palms of your hands like rubbing your palms together.

  C) Strike the bristles quickly on a stationary object - like a ladder leg.

  D) Tap the upper shoulder of the brush firmly on the raised toe of your shoe so bristles slap the bottom of your shoe.


Now your brush is clean the A.R.M. Construction way! 

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