Al's Morning Blog - Monday December 18th, 2017

posted by Al Caldwell -

I read something on the air this morning that gave me a big holiday laugh. It’s when someone gives you a gift you weren’t expecting. (You usually don’t exchange with them) All of a sudden they have you caught in a vice. Hey, punt!! That’s right. Punt!! Don’t tell them you forgot theirs at home. Don’t lie. It shows. Thank them and say something like they shouldn’t have and that you didn’t get them one. Then thank them again and then send a thank you note. Don’t’ lie and make it worse. You can lie and tell women they DO LOOK GOOD IN THAT DRESS.  That’s permissible. That’s not a lie. That’s cautionary observance. Lying is telling them you have a gift for them at home. DON’T DO IT!!