Air Inside Frat House Registered 0.01 On Breathzlyzer

posted by Harold Mann -

If the phrase "fraternity party" doesn't conjure up images of young adults chugging beers and playing beer pong, you're among the minority. Police in Bethesda, Maryland were called to a rental home after neighbors complained about a party at the residence. Police say the house is occupied by six 20-year-old members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon's American University chapter. There was so much booze at the party that the air inside the house registered a 0.01 on a Breathalyzer. Since the six residents refused to tell police where they got the booze for their party (dubbed "Tequila Tuesday Hoy a las 22:00" on Facebook), they were each charged with 126 counts of allowing underage possession of alcohol and furnishing alcohol to a minor. (UPI)