New Music Report: Expert Picks - Week of December 25th

posted by Nicole Mastrogiannis, James Dinh & Isha Thorpe -

There has been a lot of great new music released over the last few weeks. You can find out what was released this weekend in our New Music Report, but take a look at what we've been listening to lately. Our editors Nicole and Isha have shared some of their Expert Picks for the week. Check it out below.

Nicole's Picks:

Michael Brun featuring Janelle Kroll - "Easy On My Love"

It is officially winter, but when I listen to this song, all I can think about is summer. Michael Brun has tapped his Haitian heritage on his new single "Easy On My Love," which features New York City singer Janelle Kroll. All of the Caribbean flavor is infused right into the rhythm of Brun's new single, complimented by Kroll's vocals. In a statement to Billboard, Michael said of the song, "I was really impressed with Janelle’s performance on her singles 'Barricade' and 'Blush,' and was excited to work together with her. We had a really productive studio session together along with songwriter TYLERxCORDY, and 'Easy On My Love' was the result. It just feels right."

It feels like I should book a one way ticket to the Caribbean ASAP is what it feels like.

Mat Kearney - "Don't Cry For Me"

Mat Kearney couldn't let 2017 go without giving fans another taste of his upcoming 2018 album CRAZYTALK. The singer/songwriter released another new song called "Don't Cry For Me," and it is written for his nearly one-year-old daughter, which has given me all the feels. In the chorus, he sings, "The ball will drop in New York soon/And everyone here is singin' along yeah/All the lights they shine for you/You don't have to cry for me when I'm gone."

On Twitter, Mat wrote about the song, "You all have been so great to me this year that I wanted to give you one more song for the New Year. 'Don’t Cry For Me' out now! A lot of the song is about my daughter and written to her. I just finished it the other day. Hope you enjoy it!"

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James' Picks:

Cardi B featuring 21 Savage - "Bartier Cardi"

Cardi B is back with her first post-"Bodak Yellow" single called "Bartier Cardi" featuring 21 Savage and it's clear that the breakout rapper is in it for the long run. Teased in Manchester in early December, the three-and-a-half-minute cut hears the Bronx-born MC spit about her lavish lifestyle since making it big. Over a menacing trap beat, Bardi brings her love for diamonds, cars and being the "it girl" to the forefront and the hook might just be as fun as the sing-a-long hook from "Bodak Yellow." "Your bitch wanna party with Cardi/ Cartier Bardi in a 'Rari/ Diamonds all over my body (Cardi)," she spits during the chorus. "Shinin' all over my body (my body)/ Cardi got your bitch on molly/ B*tch, you ain't gang, you lame/ Bentley truck lane to lane."

Captain Kidd - "WILD"

Let loose into a dreamy headspace with Captain Kidd's new track, "WILD," which was self-produced by the Phio quartet. On the almost-four-minute cut, the group addresses just how difficult it is to cut ties with a former lover. It's relaxing, chill and a small taste of the group's forthcoming debut album, which is scheduled to drop Spring 2018. “'Wild' encompasses our growth as a band over the past 4-plus years,” the band said in a statement. "We self-produced and recorded the track entirely ourselves, which was a scary but rewarding process. Ryan Gilligan, our mixing engineer, and Metropolis Mastering House helped bring the song to life."

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Isha's Picks:

Omarion - "#Nudes"

Omarion wants you to send him some sexy nudes for his viewing pleasure. That’s pretty much what his new song “#Nudes” is all about. On the slow, sensual track, Omarion shoots his shot by requesting some pictures of eye candy on social media. We wouldn’t be surprised if this is a usual occurrence in his every life. “Just got an Instagram alert What time you getting off of work?” O sings. “’Cause I'm tryin' to get your ass to sq**rt/ I'm about to set s**t off, I'm about to make ya take it off.” He’s such a naughty guy this holiday season.

Lil Wayne – "Bank Account"

With the much-anticipated release of Dedication 6 almost here, Lil Wayne dropped two new tracks that will be featured on the project, “Bank Account,” which samples 21 Savage’s song of the same name, and “Blackin Out,” which samples JAY-Z’s “The Story Of O.J.” Though both tracks are worth listens, Wayne snapped on “Bank Account.” “Make you eat your words, make you chew your s--t/ Then we knockin' out every tooth you pick/ N--ga f--k you and f--k who you with/ Yeah my b--ch broke but her booty fixed,” Weezy spit.

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