Al's Morning Blog - Wednesday December 27th, 2017

posted by Al Caldwell -

Okay. It’s time to run it down. What kind of a year? If you are a Trumper, good. Hillary fan, bad. Houston Astro fan, great. Cowboy fan, not great. Texan fan, horrible. Las Vegas, not good. Harvey worse. Recovery effort and folks in Southeast Texas, amazing. Hot weather, minimal. Cold weather, too much already. The stock market, good. CD rates, nonexistent. Healthwise…I can’t complain. Hope yours is good. Deaths of folks we know or follow, as usual sad. New invention’s, a bunch. Outdated stuff….well, outdated.  Somehow, this seems a lot like years past and it probably is. Future? I don’t know and probably don’t want to know. Happy New Year!