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posted by Al Caldwell -

Word is out that Budweiser is no longer the “King of Beers”. Latest statistics show it has dropped to number 3 in sales. Well, I just don’t know. There have been leaders in every category of consumable drink and eat over the past 100 years. Wheaties was king of the cereals. Mc Donald’s king of the burger. (Oh wait, there’s Burger King, self-proclaimed) There’s seeing the USA in your Chevrolet and Ford with the better idea, IBM king of the ill as far as electronics and let’s not forget RCA and TWA airlines. Other beers of the past include Miller Lite, Schlitz, (the beer that made Milwaukee famous. Thank the lord Milwaukee is famous for something.)  Marlboro cigarettes who have been forced to leave the room is another shining example. I still think Bud has the best commercial. Who wouldn’t like the most famous horses in the world?