Al's Morning Blog - Monday January 29th, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

How glorious, indeed were the Grammy’s last night. I am so sorry I missed them but was rearranging my sock drawer and prepping for the next razor blade chewing contest.  I was so happy to hear Snoop Dog has everything figured out “from the jump”. Ms. Cyrus and Cher (how could we live without her) and Lady Gaga and a cast of misery (oops, supposed to be many) to entertain the evening. Why it was the lowest rated Grammy presentation is really hard to figure out. I mean, after all, the reason we watch the “G”s is to find out how we should have voted. Darn! It took me so long to figure that out. Bruno Marrs tried to save the Titanic but he was too late. Then, the main event. Hillary (remember her) reading from the new boy who cried wolf book. She was a real rip-snorter. Maybe she should become a comedian? On second thought……no! In all, the show was a smash. Literally. Hey, Hillary? Question? How can we miss you when you won’t go away?