Al's Morning Blog - Friday February 2nd, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

Nancy Pelosi referred to the raises and bonuses many people in this country have gotten, (Lowes, the latest along with many others) as “crumbs”. Apparently, the unwashed masses were unhappy. One state a 50.00 a week raise was not a crumb, another speaking of the 82.00 monthly raise in retirement also did not qualify, stokes the fires just a little more.  Both Republicans and Democrats have been hateful but this might hit a new low. We use Panko bread crumbs on our chicken. I enjoy “crumbing” as I call it when putting crushed crackers in soup or even Gumbo. When eating one of my wife’s pies, I eat the last CRUMB.  A crumb is sometimes a good thing.  Not to be associated with “crummy”, which sometimes refers to a bad deal, hotel room or treatment by a fellow worker, a crumb in some cases is on the same level with royalty.