Al's Morning Blog - Monday February 12th, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

I know the whole world is going crazy. I’ll bet my grandfather said this one hundred years ago. He probably said things like: “Next thing you know, they’ll give women the right to vote”, or “smoking is good for your health. After all, everyone does it”. Yep, times change. There was a time when you could hug someone you hadn’t seen in a long time, male or female. It’s going to be taboo, now. “Me, too” means don’t touch. I get it. I understand there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world. But I always hug good friends, male or female. Changing times, you know. Wake up in a different world every day. We’re not allowed to give spankings anymore, either. Wow. I was born too late. Not really. Never got a spanking id didn’t deserve and probably needed a few more. Hugs are much better than spankings but it seems they are all going the way of cars actually driven by people. That’s going away too, you know.