Al's Morning Blog - Thursday February 15th, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

My second cousin got whippings from his dad what seemed to be every day of the week. As his dad was delivering the blows he would shrug and say: “didn’t hurt” “ain’t gonna cry” or something a little more aggravating. He ended up in jail at 18 and I lost track of him. My point is nothing changed him. If someone wants to shoot you, they WILL FIND A GUN!!  If every home in this country was invaded and every weapon confiscated, bad guys would still be able to lay their hands on a weapon. It is indeed sad but no law could have prevented what happened yesterday in Florida.  I just hate to hear the same old song trotted out every time there is a tragedy of this magnitude. We saw it in Vegas and Miami and countless other cities.  If you have the devilish idea of slaughtering people in a church, you can do anything. Don’t give me the “what if”. Just pick up your bible (if you have one) and see the stark evil in the very first chapters. Nowadays  They do it with bombs, vans, pressure cookers and whatever else they need to accomplish whatever mission it is they are on. If you help 99 out of 100 people who have mental issues, the one remaining will find a way to kill.  Do you understand?