Al's Morning Blog - Monday February 26th, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

Hey!! Way to go, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. You have vowed not to honor NRA discount cards in the future. Good for you. After all, the NRA is evil, noncompromising and downright ugly. Why people who belong to this corrupt organization are ornery and responsible for all things bad. Are kidding me? Nope, you’re serious. Isn’t it funny that we jump on anything that’s close whenever we do not agree with it? I happen to know quite a few NRA members who are good people. Maybe one day, a member might save your life. Or maybe not. Think about that. While you’re at it, let's take care of those law enforcement people. They’re troublemakers. You don’t need them. Oh, wait. Someday you might. Hmm!