Al's Morning Blog - March 1st, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

The bad news? Hope Hicks is no longer the communications director for Donald Trump. The good news? She will land on her feet and continue to be successful in whatever she chooses to do. It’s kind of funny. All of the other folks who have skated? Susan Rice, Lois Lerner to name a few. Lerner took the fifth after making a statement about her feelings. It will be interesting also to see how the companies who have bailed on the NRA fare. They’ll probably do OK but it’s rather juvenile to see the way they have reacted. It goes to show you how anyone can end up behind the eight ball (pool terminology) for trying to do the right thing. It’s a shame there are no statistics on how many lives have been SAVED  by the NRA. We don’t want to go there, do we? I hope the shootings, as well as the threats, are at an end, but we know the end of that movie, right? Sometimes, stupid grooms more stupidity. And like Forest said: “Life is like a box of chocolates, etc. This is a brand new month. We’ll see how it fares. To students everywhere, our prayers and to those with thin skulls making fly by your seat decisions, our pity. There is a difference between prayer and pity.