Al's Morning Blog - Friday March 2nd, 2018

posted by Al Caldwell -

I thought we lived in a generic world. a world where all people are equal. A world where everyone has equal opportunity and where you can ascend any heights with determination and willingness. I tried this at the pharmacy yesterday. I asked for a generic brand of my medication refill. Unfortunately, there is no generic for that particular brand, no matter where you shop. I could squeal, jump up and down, say bad words to the lady in the window, refusing to do business there and the price would still be 157.00 for a 30 day supply. Not 60, not 90…..30….thirty day supply. I have insurance but they demand I spend 3500.00 in order to get the good price. I did that two years ago. Major surgery put me over the top and I got the same bottle of stuff for 9.00. I am really not interested in another Al cutting even if it would cut the price on my drugs. What equality?