Kasi and Shane Pruitt of Rowlett, Texas, felt a calling to expand their family of six again. These two are the director of missions at Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Parents of two biological daughters and two adopted sons they decided to adopt one more and kept their latest addition a secret from their four kids to surprise them with the news.

After waiting months to adopt their baby girl, the adoption was finalized and it finally it was full steam ahead for the new parents. They didn’t have time to tell their four kids about the adoption, so they decided to make it a surprise instead. Their children’s responses have since gone massively viral.

When Kasi and Shane walked into their home carrying their new baby girl, Harper, 6, their youngest daughter, could not contain her enthusiasm. She shouts, “Are you kidding me?” The girls start jumping up and down, unable to contain their excitement! Then 11-year-old Raygen begins to cry tears of joy. Kasi tells her daughters that they’re going to make her cry too. Shane said their children’s reactions made them feel “blessed as parents” to see their older kids’ excitement. “To see their love, you know we are not perfect as parents, but in that moment, it felt as if we were doing something right.”