Operation Storm Watch 2020

Storm Watch 2020

Storm Watch 2020

Tropical Storm Isaias Carving Through the Caribbean. Could Head Toward Florida, Southeast Coast

Updated 7/30/20 at 8:00 AM ET

Tropical Storm Isaias (ees-ah-EE-ahs) is dumping heavy rain on parts of the Caribbean and could eventually track near Florida and possibly other parts of the Southeast coast this weekend into early next week.

Tropical Storm Isaias is bringing heavy rain to parts of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico.

Tropical storm warnings and watches are posted from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to the Bahamas

The forecast for this system beyond the Caribbean is still highly uncertain because of multiple factors.

First impacts could be felt in parts of Florida as soon as Saturday.

Other parts of the U.S. East Coast could also eventually see impacts from Isaias.

TS Isaias Watches & Warnings - Updated 7/30/2020 at 8:00 AM ET

Tropical storm warnings and watches are in effect from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands into the Bahamas.

A warning means tropical storm conditions are expected in the next 36 hours. A watch means tropical storm conditions are possible within 48 hours.

Source: Weather.com

National Hurricane Center Forecast Cone - Updated 7/30/20 at 8:00 AM ET

Source: NOAA.gov

2020 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names

Next named storm in the 2020 Hurricane Season will be Isaias...


To prepare for a hurricane, you should take the following measures:

  • To begin preparing, build an emergency kit and make a family communications plan.
  • Know your surroundings.
  • Learn the elevation level of your property and whether the land is flood-prone. This will help you know how your property will be affected when storm surge or tidal flooding are forecast.
  • Identify levees and dams in your area and determine whether they pose a hazard to you.
  • Learn community hurricane-evacuation routes and how to find higher ground. Determine where you would go and how you would get there if you needed to evacuate.
  • Cover your home’s windows. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection, but a second option is to board up windows with 5/8-inch marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking.
  • Install straps or additional clips to securely fasten your roof to the frame structure. This will reduce roof damage.
  • Be sure trees and shrubs around your home are well trimmed so they are more wind-resistant.
  • Clear loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Reinforce your garage doors; if wind enters a garage it can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage.
  • Plan to bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations, garbage cans and anything else that is not tied down.
  • Determine how and where to secure your boat.
  • Install a generator for emergencies.
  • If in a high-rise building, be prepared to take shelter on or below the 10th floor.
  • Consider building a safe room.

Check out these websites for more tips:

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Preparations for Seniors(FEMA)

Pet Preparations(ASPCA)

Info For Kids(FEMA)

Protect Your Business(FEMA)

Home Insurance Inventory(TDI)

Mariners Info(Coast Guard)

Safe Cleanup & Repairs(CDC)

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