Al's Morning Blog - Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

This is probably not worth visiting again, but what the heck. Why not? If you don’t have a ticket, you can’t get in. You don’t show up at theSuper Bowl announcing you are a big Patriots fan (a Patriot) and gain admission. You’re even thrown out or laughed out. (I think you can guess which one). You don’t skip the check at a restaurant. You can’t get into most national parks without a fee. Yet, those who try to enter the country illegally and those who are here legally agree and cheer on the fact that we are a giving nation. A proper nation. A compassionate nation. And as such should open the borders for everyone. When I watch the man on the street talking a 30 something, born here adult, who cannot recognize the picture of Abe Lincoln or George Washington, I fear we have become a nation of mush heads. My God, everyone has seen a one dollar bill or a five dollar bill. Yet, you cannot recognize who is on the bill and look at Lincoln and identify him as JFK or even worse Bill Clinton. The smartest person I saw was the guy who said the only thing he knew about presidents day was that he was working hard to collect a lot of “dead presidents”. At least that made a modicum of sense. This should give you an idea of why people who are stupid shouldn’t get to vote. Maybe that’s why they are protesting in the streets. They are chanting: “Not my president”. That’s probably correct. They didn’t vote and so they believe as such, they are right. I guess those folks failed in school. Or maybe the SCHOOL failed them?

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