Swamp Republicans Have Warmed Up to Trump Because They Finally Believe the Mueller Investigation Is BS

RUSH: We're doing Open Line Friday today, folks, because it is Open Line Friday. It's the last day that I'll be here live during the busy broadcast year. So I want to start with Robert in Houston. I'm glad you called. You're up first today. The first caller sets the stage. It's a very important responsibility you carry, so make it count. CALLER: (chuckles) Thanks, Rush. Merry Christmas. RUSH: Same to you. CALLER: I had a theory on the tax bill getting done. Basically, these bills don't start right away. So they've been working on this bill for quite a while, and it really picked up steam in the last month, and I was thinking the Russia probe, they were talking about impeaching Rush... (sic) "Impeaching Rush." Impeaching Trump over the summer. RUSH: They would like to impeach me too. I mean, you're right about that. CALLER: Yeah. RUSH: You're right to include me in that. If they could, they would. CALLER: Probably. But now that the Russia problem and the Mueller investigation has turned. All of a sudden, the Republicans are working with Trump, and I think there's a correlation there, because they didn't seem to be very warm to him over the summer but they've warmed up recently. RUSH: You know what? He accomplished it. He came through. This is an excellent point. It was a point that I was gonna make later in the program, which is why I decided to take his call first, because this is definitely relevant. What is it? He's noticed. How many of you have noticed that in the last -- maybe it's a month -- two or three weeks, the Republican Party, elected officials in Washington seem much more willing, eager, and cooperative to work with Trump? Have you noticed it? How many of you saw the party up at the White House earlier this week after the bill had passed in the House and Senate? Trump sent some buses down there to Capitol Hill. Members of the House and Senate got on the buses and went up to the White House, and they had a love fest. How many of you saw senators and members of the House heaping praise on Donald Trump that you never thought you would see? In fact, when watching it, some of you might have wondered, "Did they really mean this or are they just sidling up for the photo-op?" The things they were saying were genuine. Lisa Murkowski! They were all talking about this happening because of Trump's leadership. They all gave him credit for it. They all thanked him. Look, the Republican Party... This has been a crazy thing. You and I have scratched our heads trying to understand it. The Republican Party has been acting like they're in the wilderness. They won! The Republicans won the Senate. They won the House. They kept the House. They've got the White House, and all year they've been acting like they're in the wilderness. They've been acting like they didn't win anything. They've been acting afraid of the media, embarrassed of Trump. It seemed that they were more aligned with the Democrats on some things than with the Republicans. We chalked it up to the fact that they were all insiders and they were banding together to get rid of Trump and deny Trump success (and I don't doubt that there's an element there). But here's the thing that Robert is dead-on right about. Well, he's 85% right. The reason why the Republicans in the House and Senate -- and this may stun you. The reason why the Republicans in the House and Senate have warmed up to Donald Trump, the reason they now appear to be happily and eagerly on his team is because they now think that the Trump-Russia collusion charge is bogus. Robert thinks it's because the Democrats are becoming vulnerable to this. That's a factor. But the truth is, folks -- and I can't tell you how frustrating this is to me -- many Republicans and all kinds of conservative media types have believed this Russian allegation charge! They've thought there's something to it, and you know why? Because they can't believe that the FBI could possibly be corrupted and turned into a political weapon for the Democrat Party. They just can't believe that would happen. They can't believe, ditto, the CIA. So all this talk of the Trump dossier and all this talk of collusion with Manafort and Michael Flynn and Donald Trump Jr.? Many Republicans were scared to death that there was something there all year long. Frankly, I'm naive about a lot of things. To me, there's never been anything there. To me, this is the whole thing is a hoax. From day one, in my mind -- intelligence guided by experience, common sense, critical thinking, whatever you want to call it -- this whole thing to me has been a political opposition research project. And I have never doubted that from the first day I ever heard about this. And then the Trump dossier hits, and it's so obviously made up. It's so obviously bogus, and I thought most everybody with half a brain could see that. They didn't trust that. The Republicans in Washington, the Republicans on Capitol Hill, were tiptoeing around this because they thought there could be something to it, because they just couldn't believe that all of these people could be so complicit in a totally made-up lie. CIA directors, FBI directors, deputy attorney generals, deputy FBI directors, they just... I gotta tell you: When I found out I was livid and I'm still livid about it and more than a little bit amazed. Most of this year they have thought there was something to it. Most of this year they have thought that Trump's gonna be impeached because of it. Most of this year. And then you turn to anywhere in conservative media that's inside-the-Beltway, blogosphere websites, and you'll find 75/80% of them believe it still! And there's nothing to it and there never has been anything to it. I think the tipping point here is the Republicans in the House and Senate now finally have arrived at the belief that this whole thing is much ado about nothing and may, in fact, be a greater threat to the Democrats if the truth of this is ever known. I think that's why they've warmed up to Trump. I think they've warmed up to Trump because they're more confident they're not gonna be able to get him. They've warmed up to Trump because... It's taken a year, but I think a number of them are finally getting it that all of this is bogus. Remember, they're all part of the establishment. They're all in the club, and they think the loftiest things of the club. I mean, the club wouldn't corrupt this, wouldn't corrupt that. Don't laugh at me, folks. If you think I'm whistling Dixie here, I'm not. I think many of them have had come-to-Jesus moments, if you will, staggered over the course of the last month. The tax cuts have always been worth supporting. Why didn't they out of the box? The Obamacare repeal has always been worth doing. Why didn't they do it? Why didn't they seem eager to do it? Why didn't they try to advance any of the Trump agenda for the first nine months? It all made sense, and it was all things that if it were any other president, they would have done. They didn't do it because they thought Trump was going down, because they thought there might have been something to all these allegations. Remember, these people believe the media. They don't look at the media the way you and I do. Look at Bob Corker! Were you not shocked when Bob Corker admitted yesterday what he admitted? Bob Corker admitted that after all these years in the Senate, he finally has seen media mendacity for what it is. And what did it take? It took the media lying about him and then impaneling analysts after his appearances on TV to trash him for things that didn't happen, that he knows didn't happen, that he knows they know didn't happen. After all of these years, but specifically this year -- after this year of hammering Trump -- he finally got a dose over one-and-a-half days of what Trump gets all day, every day for a year. And he had an epiphany. These people believe, more often than not, what's in the media. They believe Trump colluded with Russia, or they think there's no reason for all this talking if there wasn't something to it, in their minds. Very frustrating to me. Because to me this is so obvious a conspiracy between the Democrats and the deep state and the media -- which is all basically the same thing. But they have just now come to the reality, the realization that maybe -- maybe -- Trump didn't do this, and so it's now making it easier for them to warm up to him. And that is what has happened. BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Let me put it a simpler way. Republicans in Washington didn't know if Trump was gonna end up being Nixon or Reagan. And they feared he was gonna end up being Nixon 'cause they feared that he was guilty of all this stuff, because they can't believe the deep state and the media and the FBI and the CIA would make anything up, which should tell you what they didn't suspect and didn't realize about the Obama administration. It's one of the reasons why we're so frustrated. Anyway, they have finally arrived at the conclusion that most of this is bogus and that it is okay, that it is safe to join Donald Trump. That, basically, is what happened.
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