Millennials Invent Their Own Traumas

RUSH: Now, I want to get to this Millennial survey. This comes from, and it's a fairly frequent survey that's done from generation to generation. And I just want to remind you, folks -- and I got in a lot of trouble for this the first time I proffered this theory. You know, I was talking to somebody about the Greatest Generation, the World War II generation and what they went through and how quickly they had to grow up and the many threats to the literal existence of the United States that they had to defeat.

They had to grow up and realize at age 16 to 18 that there were things much larger than themselves. They answered the call. They had to deal with the Soviet Union claiming to bury their grandkids. They had to deal with World War II. Many of them lived through the Great Depression. They had real stress. The children of the Baby Boom generation, I think, had it relatively easy by comparison. And I spent about a half hour explaining all this, and I ended up by saying I think the Baby Boom generation and subsequent generations have had to invent their own traumas.

Myself in that generation included. I'm a Baby Boomer. We had to invent our own traumas to tell ourselves that we had really tough times -- really, really challenging times, lots and lots of adversity that we had to overcome. But my theory is we haven't had anything of the sort compared to the World War II generation, although I do think that the generations today (without knowing it) are facing similar threats as this nation faced in World War II. The difference is these threats are internal as well as external.

So given all that, I want to share with you a survey of 2,000 American Millennials.

I want to share with you the Top 20 Most Stressful Things According to Millennials. Are you ready? "Number 1: Losing wallet/credit card." That is the most stressful thing, the thought of losing it. "Number 2: Arguing with partner." Number 3 is traffic delays and the daily commute. Okay. So we're at the top three most stressful things to Millennials. Losing the wallet, arguing with partner, and the daily "commute/traffic delays." "Number 4: Losing phone." Number 5 top 20 most stressful events to Millennials: "Arriving late to work.

"Number 6: Slow Wi-Fi." Are you kidding me? This would be like stressing out over the slow mail service in the sixties. The seventh most stressful thing to Millennials is their "phone battery dying." Number 8 most stressful thing: "Forgetting passwords" to their devices. The ninth most stressful thing: "Credit card fraud." The 10th most stressful thing to Millennials: "Forgetting phone charger. Number 11: Losing/misplaying keys." Number 12 most stressful thing: "Paying bills." Number 13 most stressful thing in their lives: "Job interviews."

The 14th most stressful thing to Millennials: their "phone screen breaking." Number 15 most stressful thing: "Credit card bills." Number 16: "Check engine light coming on" the dashboard. Number 17th most stressful thing to Millennial: "School loan payments." Number 18: "Job security." Number 19: "Choosing what to wear every day," and number 20: "Washing dishes." Now, you want to tell me that I'm wrong? I don't doubt the stress is real. But I'm telling you (Snort!), by comparison -- and I have to be very careful here, because they think this is end-of-the-world stuff, and to them it is.

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