After 47 Years, He Keeps Her Last Gift Unopened

On Christmas 2017, there's plenty of stories and essays around the world to make the occasion—including one about a Canadian man who has kept an unopened mystery gift for nearly half-a-century. "Maybe I don't want to know what's inside it," he says. "It's more exciting right now not opening the thing." 

Details on that and other holiday themes:

  • The unopened gift: A teenage Adrian Pearce of Edmonton got dumped by his girlfriend 47 years ago just before Christmas, and she simultaneously handed him a present. He has yet to unwrap it, even though he puts it out under the tree every year. Or at least he did, until his wife put her foot down. The CBC has the story.
  • Old crazes: The New York Times looks back at six toy crazes of years' past, incuding the hula hoop, the Cabbage Patch Kids, and Rubik's Cube, and explores why they fascinated kids and grownups alike.

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