Demi Lovato Shares Photo of New Year's Eve Kiss With One of Her Dancers

Demi Lovato gets flirtatious onstage with dancer Jojo Gomez as part of their "Cool for the Summer" choreography, but the pair got even closer on New Year's Eve, when they shared a kiss to ring in 2018.

Lovato posted a series of photos on Instagram from her show in Miami Sunday night (Dec. 31): three killer performance shots of the singer in her sequined blue catsuit, plus a photo of the celebratory smooch.

"Last performance of 2017 and first kiss of 2018," she wrote as a caption.

Gomez, who's also a choreographer, shared the picture on her own Instagram page, wishing Lovato a Happy New Year with the same "first kiss of 2018" comment.

Earlier in the evening, Lovato gave fans a sultry selfie showing off her glam New Year's look.

Check out the photos below.


Photo: Getty Images


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