Semi-Retirees: Our RV Life Is Far From 'Ghastly'

Candice Reed is a semi-retiree who lives life with her husband in a 28-foot motor home, and she writes in the Los Angeles Times that they have plenty of company traveling the nation's highways. 

But she's not referring to hipster campers among the younger set. "The people who are usually our fellow travelers are in their 50s, 60s or beyond: retired or something close to it, but not exactly living a leisure life." 

For the Reeds, the decision to hit the road took shape in 2009 when they realized that their San Diego home was simply too expensive to keep. Now they live far more economically, traveling around, parking at camps for typically $500 a month, and picking up jobs where they can (Reed as a freelance writer, her husband as a handyman). But the essay is anything but a complaint.

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