Camila Cabello Readjusting Her Boobs on Grammys Carpet Is So Relatable


Camila Cabello had to readjust her boobs on the Grammys red carpet on Sunday, January 28, and couldn't haven been more relatable. 

While talking about the success of her debut album with Ryan Seacrest, Camila turned away from the cameras to fix herself in her red strapless dress. 

“It’s amazing. I really didn’t expect it,” the “Havana” songstress said. “There was a long time when I was making the album, I made it forgetting that people were going to hear it. So I really enjoyed making it and you know, getting to see my fans connect with it and getting to have it out there in the world feels really good. Hold on, I have to squeeze my boobs.”


Camila then resumed the interview, turning back to the camera and remarking, “There we go! All better now.”

She later took to Twitter, reestablishing our girl crush by being the most relatable songstress ever. 

“There should be a word for the ‘boob squish’ small boobed girls will understand,” she tweeted, along with the clip.


“Hold on I need to squeeze my boobs” – @Camila_Cabello during a live red carpet interview. Never change, baby,” one fan tweeted, while another added: “Camila Cabello ... is our new favorite person.”

Watch the funny moment above. 


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