Charges Dropped Against Off-Duty Security Guard

court room

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office has dropped charges against an off-duty

security guard accused of shooting and killing a woman in the parking lot of a Port Arthur

convenience store. In July of 2016, 68-year old Michael Turner pulled into the Express Mart

on Jimmy Johnson Blvd and saw two men leaving the store after stealing cases of beer. As

the suspects were driving off, Turner fired several shot towards the suspect’s car striking and

killing 36-year old Shalala Fletcher, a passenger in the vehicle. The two occupants of the car

dropped Fletcher off  in the parking lot of a local business and drover off. Turner was indicted by

a Jefferson County grand jury in August of 2016. The D.A.’s Office believes they do not have

enough evidence to convict Turner. Turner did lose a $100,000 civil suit filed by the Fletcher



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