This Theory Explains Why Kylie Jenner Named Her Daughter Stormi

In the days after Kylie Jenner announced her pregnancy and daughter's birth, the internet instantly began to theorize what the 20-year-old would name her baby. While it's always exciting to guess what a newborn will be named, it's especially fun with celebrities. I mean, sure, it's cute when your sister names her kid Sofia, but when Kim Kardashian names her daughter Chicago it's a national headline. So, excuse me if I obsessively checked Instagram to see what moniker Kylie had chosen. I was pretty convinced it was going to be Butterfly, Chrystal, or Monarch, like most of the internet, and was pleasantly surprised when Kylie went in a completely different direction. She announced her daughter's name was Stormi Webster on Instagram on Tuesday, sending fans into an excited tailspin. Once the news settled in, though, it appears that Stormi might actually be tied to the butterfly motifs Kylie used throughout her pregnancy and birth announcement. Some fans are now convinced that Kylie chose Stormi because of The Butterfly Effect, according to Romper, which totally makes sense if you think about it. 

For those who haven't heard of The Butterfly Effect - or have just watched the terrible 2004 film of the same name starring Ashton Kutcher - it's an interesting theory that suggests the smallest action can cause something much larger to happen. The example often given is that of a butterfly flapping its wings causing turbulent weather. If this is truly the deeper meaning behind baby Stormi's name, perhaps Kylie meant that her chance meeting with Travis Scott was the flap of a butterfly's wings that brought the storm. AKA their first child together. It definitely seems possible, doesn't it?


We can't forget that Travis literally has a song called "Butterfly Effect," either. Of course this isn't definitive proof that it inspired their daughter's name, however, it does prove that the two had knowledge of the theory beforehand. It obviously meant enough to Travis to write a song about it, so, it seems possible that The Butterfly Effect holds some meaning for the 25-year-old rapper. 

Another hint that suggests this could be the case is the matching tattoos Kylie and Travis got early on in their relationships. The couple debuted matching Butterfly tattoos on their ankles via Snapchat on June 13 of last year. While their posts were innocuous enough at the time, it seems much more significant in hindsight. One June 12 of last year, Travis tweeted "legit happiest day of my life." Baby Stormi was born in February, which means this tweet and the matching tattoos came exactly eight months before her birth. This would have been around the time Kylie discovered she was pregnant .


It's also interesting that some fans did speculate that Kylie would choose some variation of the name Storm before she gave birth. While Butterfly was indeed the front runner for most of Kylie's loyal lip kit lovers, there was a faction who predicted her daughter's name. Most believe it stems from The Butterfly Effect, but there are others who speculate the decision was inspired by the media storms Kylie frequently finds herself in the middle of. Her secret pregnancy, for example. 

Whether you like the name Stormi or not, it's actually not the most unusual celebrity baby name of all time. According to Baby Center, the name Storm is rising in popularity.  The numbers don't lie, either. In 2016, 47 million babies in the United States were named Storm, which is  A LOT of babies named Storm. 

No matter the reason behind Stormi's name - a deep conspiracy about The Butterfly Effect or Kylie and Travis just thought it was cute - we can all agree a new shade of Kylie Lip Kit will be dropping any day now named after the beauty mogul's new baby. 


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