Update: Jefferson County Sheriff, Two Others Indicted

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Jefferson County Sheriff Zena Stephens is one of three that have been indicted by a Chambers

County grand jury on charges relating to campaign contributions. Stephens is charged with one

count of tampering with a governmental record, which is a state jail felony. She is also charged

with two counts of accepting cash contributions that exceeded $100, which are misdemeanors.

Constable Joe “QB” Stevenson has been indicted on a misdemeanor charge of accepting a

cash  contribution exceeding $100 and Former Beaumont Police Lt. Ray Beck, who ran for

sheriff,  has been indicted of accepting a cash contribution exceeding $100 and one count of

failure to return a political contributions, which are both misdemeanors.  The grand jury

convened yesterday in Chambers County under the direction of the Texas Attorney General’s

Office.  All three appeared this morning at the Chambers County Courthouse.


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