Port Of Beaumont Awarded $5 Million EDA Grant


On October 11, 2018, the U.S. Economic Development Administration announced the award of a $5 million grant to the Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County, Texas for the construction of Main Street Terminal 1- Phase I.

Main Street Terminal 1- Phase I is the first step in rebuilding the failed Docks 2, 3 and 4 and will increase berthing capacity at the Port of Beaumont by approximately 25%. The project will improve resiliency at the Port of Beaumont by strengthening the bank with construction of a severe weather resistant bulkhead that will not only protect the shoreline from further erosion during severe weather, but also provides a foundation for the new dock structure, serving as a base that can withstand significant weather events.

Docks 2, 3 and 4 failed in 2012 due to aging infrastructure and were decommissioned shortly thereafter. Due to the age of the structure, restoration was not an option. In order to protect the Port from further damage during severe weather events and to add capacity that would be used by Port partners, including the United States Military, the Port determined that the failed structure must be replaced with a state-of-the-art dock supported by a modern and structurally sound bulkhead. Upon decommissioning Docks 2, 3 and 4, the Port of Beaumont began developing a comprehensive plan for the dock that would be minimally invasive to the surrounding waterfront and maximize the economic benefit to the community.

Following the completion of Phase I, the Port of Beaumont will begin work on Phase II of the project, which includes demolition of the failed area of Wharf 4 and the currently condemned Wharfs 2 and 3, which together extend 1,200 linear feet, and construction of a single 1,150 linear foot wharf with rail access. Upon completion of Phases I and II, the new dock will include a pile supported dock apron structure approximately 75 feet by 1,150 feet, rail access, and a new 1,300 foot long steel bulkhead (Phase I). These improvements will result in a port that is more resilient and less susceptible to damages typically incurred when severe weather events occur.

“The Port of Beaumont has always placed great emphasis on economic development and job creation efforts. The construction of Main Street Terminal 1 will expand cargo handling capabilities at the Port of Beaumont while also creating opportunities for economic growth,” says Port Director Chris Fisher. “We are grateful to the Economic Development Administration, and all those who advocated for the construction of Main Street Terminal 1, for recognizing how important this project is to resiliency efforts and the securing of strategic assets during severe weather events.”

The 25% increase in capacity the Port will realize with the construction of Main Street Terminal 1 is expected to result in an additional $450 million in annual economic activity each year; support an additional 3,152 direct, indirect, induced and related user jobs; and result in more than one million additional tons of cargo coming through port gates annually. In an area that is slowly rebuilding, job growth and opportunity are essential to recovery.

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