Missing Marine Deserter Accused Of Killing His Mother's Boyfriend

Michael Alexander Brown, 22

Michael Alexander Brown, 22

Authorities in Virginia are searching for a U.S. Marine who is accused of killing his mother's boyfriendMichael Alexander Brown, 22, who is a combat engineer, deserted his post at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, on October 18.

Authorities found the body of Rodney Brown shot to death on his own property and identified Michael as a suspect. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Michael and warned that he should be considered armed and dangerous. Police say he is armed with a high-powered rifle and could have access to other weapons.

Officials say that Brown has been known to live in the woods and liked to frequent national parks and forest areas. Surveillance camera footage captured Brown at a gas station convenience store not far from the murder scene.

While authorities are trying to determine a motive for the killing, neighbors told WSLS-TV that the 22-year-old recently learned that Brown was not his father.

"The loss of a life is terrible and especially so close to us here, and we felt terrible," neighbor Rob Yanok said. "My first thought was he's on his way somewhere else to get away from here as far as possible because you have to know everybody is looking here for him, so we weren't really threatened."

Photo: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

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