Al's Morning Blog - Friday November 22nd, 2019

Hooray!! The country is saved. My gosh, I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt Ukraine’s feelings. Why that bastion of honesty is shining light of freedom compared to the rest of the world. Right? Wrong. This is a bunch of crap from the letter C on. Ukraine, Russian….one in the same. Ok, so we withheld aid for 48 hours. Big deal. Let’s see if impeachment moves forward. Better yet, let’s see if it has an effect on next year’s election. If it doesn’t, what's in the playbook next? John F. Kennedy died on this date 57 years ago. I didn’t see any JFK’s standing in Atlanta the other night. Maybe Trump isn’t either but he and JFK had one thing in common. They both thought the media was screwing them. Google it. You might be surprised.

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